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How to Design a Fun Dental Waiting Room for Young Patients

Think back to your childhood memories of going to the dentist. You were probably a bit scared the first time that you went to the dental office for a checkup. Why was that?

Maybe, you had to wait for a long time in the waiting room with nothing to do. Playing a game or watching the television might have made going to the dentist a happier experience.

Our goal is to have your dental practice...

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5 Ways to Happier Patients with Dental Patient Communication

Keeping patients happy is a constant challenge.

Your dental practice may see patients from the age range of children to seniors. How do you possibly keep each type of patient happy?

When your patients feel in the loop with your dental practice, they'll be happier when they come in for an appointment. We share five tips to help you communicate better with your patients. In the end, you'll...

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How to Get Inactive Patients to Schedule an Appointment.

Moving a patient from active to inactive status is a somber moment. For some reason, one of your patients has not returned calls, followed up with his or her care or been in for a wellness check. However, the battle of retaining that person as a patient is not over. You can leverage today's medical trends and the appropriate tools, such as making patient registration forms available 24/7, to...

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New Medical Trends in 2017 to Watch For.

The end of the year is an excellent time to rethink your strategy for building your practice and increasing relationships with your existing patients. In fact, many medical and dental practices around the country are already looking to the future with electronic patient intake forms, online patient registration practices and these other medical trends.

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The Evolution of Patient Registration Forms

What makes history interesting? Is it the struggles of people in the past, or does the ability of others to overcome their obstacles and find their way into the history books inspire you? These questions are important, but they are also indicators of progress and forward-thinking minds. They also reflect the continuing need to create better ways of doing things, and the same concept is true of

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The New Generation Versus Traditional Medical Advertising

The new generation is unlike any previous generation when it comes to medical advertising. Today’s youth have access to more information, more options and more people than you can imagine. Simple decisions about purchasing clothing or foods have grown more complex as the new generation embraces the digital age, reflecting one of the medical trends identified in another blog post. Your ... Read More

Patient Registration Form - Electronic VS PDF

More dental and medical offices are starting to realize the benefits of electronic patient registration forms outweigh the problems inherent in using paper-based forms and traditional PDFs. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that up to 78.4 percent of office-based physicians, including dentists, use electronic health records and patient registration form....

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Protecting Your Patients' Info Online: What HIPAA Mandates.

Asking patients to fill out online patient forms, including patient registration forms and intake forms, may not seem like a big deal. In reality, any form of online health information, even information that may seem insignificant, falls under the guidelines and requirements of the HIPAA Security Rule. As a result, you need to understand what the rule actually says and its implications or...

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5 Time Management Tips To Increase Productivity In Your Medical Office

Stop wasting time trying to figure out better ways to work with outdated processes and activities. Start working with the digital age by using online patient forms and these five new time management tips for your medical office.  Read More

Streamlining Patient Registration Will Enhance Your Patient Care Practices

Your practice is your livelihood, but how quickly you see patients can be a critical factor in its success or failure. Similar to other businesses, in a private medical practice you could be faced with a feast-or-famine situation, and rather than trying to market your practice to new patients, you need to focus on creating the most holistic and productive environment possible for your...

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