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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Staff Training

The dental industry is constantly changing and it's important to keep up with new happenings. But, it can be hard to do so during a busy day at your practice filled with patients, appointments, and other action items.

A concise way to keep yourself and your dental staff educated is through staff training. Having a training session every 2-3 weeks helps you and your staff learn from each other...

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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Finances

Keeping track of finances at your dental practice on a daily basis is a constant pain. You are already busy checking in patients for their appointments, scheduling new appointments, following up with patients who missed appointments and handling payment collection.

For this reason, it is wise to have a monthly finance meeting to review your practice's performance over the last month and compare...

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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Morning Huddle

We've all been in meetings that seem to go forever and get nothing productive done. Time is of the essence at your dental practice and each meeting should be quick and efficient. Even a 15-minute, morning huddle can get your staff on the same page for daily goals and address any obstacles that may arise.

A well-run meeting keeps your staff informed and your dental office running smoothly. Your...

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9 Tips to Lower Patient No-Show and Cancellation Rates

It's so frustrating when a patient cancels their appointment at a dental practice at the last minute. Even worse, they may not show up at all and leave no advanced warning. Patient no-shows and cancellations are a burden because they cost your practice time and money and cause re-scheduling issues. 

Helping push more patients show up for their dental appointments takes persistance and...

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Securing Your Patient Registration Forms from Hackers

Your patients trust you to securely handle their sensitive medical information. When it comes to digital security, there are no shortcuts that a dental practice can take. In fact, multiple layers of security are better protection for your medical records against hackers.

But, knowing how to beef up your security measurements takes technical know-how. We'll start you on that path to understand...

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Designing a Fun Dental Waiting Room for Young Patients

Think back to your childhood memories of going to the dentist. You were probably a bit scared the first time that you went to the dental office for a checkup. Why was that?

Maybe, you had to wait for a long time in the waiting room with nothing to do. Playing a game or watching the television might have made going to the dentist a happier experience.

Our goal is to have your dental practice be a...

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5 Ways to Happier Patients with Dental Patient Communication

Keeping patients happy is a constant challenge.

Your dental practice may see patients from the age range of children to seniors. How do you possibly keep each type of patient happy?

When your patients feel in the loop with your dental practice, they'll be happier when they come in for an appointment. We share five tips to help you communicate better with your patients. In the end, you'll learn...

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