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Take a moment to think about how often you see patients come into your practice with their smartphone practically attached to their hands. The internet is literally everywhere, and the days of print marketing have passed. The modern patient needs to know more about your practice than ever before, and if you have not implemented significant online strategies for marketing, your competitors will take your clients. As a result, you need to understand five fundamentals of dental marketing strategies in the digital age.



1. You Need a Website.

If you have been holding out on creating a website for your dental practice, your prospective patients are probably looking at you suspiciously. In fact, more laws are being enacted to require health care practices, including dentists, to provide online access for patients to obtain their records. Your website needs to interact with visitors through tools, such as electronic patient forms.

2. Your Website Must Be Optimized for Mobile Devices.

Today, most websites automatically adjust to the size of the viewing window. This is called responsive web design, and websites that do “respond” automatically are penalized by Google when a person searches for your practice in a search engine.

3. Learn What Search Engine Optimization Means.

Search engines function by analyzing the content of your website and ranking it according to relevancy to search terms entered into a search engine. Your website needs to be of high quality and contain keywords that your customers are searching for. In the past, search engine optimization (SEO) usually meant having dozens of keywords on each page, but that resulted in low-quality websites that focused on keywords, not overall value. So, Google revamped their algorithm to determine if content was grammatically correct and valuable.

4. Copying “Stuff” Found Online for Your Website Is Very Bad.

Copied content triggers matches in Google’s algorithm, which assumes copied content is stolen content, and your ranking falls. Every time you add to your website, it needs to be unique content. You can check your website for online matches at

5. Online Marketing Strategies Are Ongoing.

Setting up your website and creating an online marketing strategy for dentists is not a one-time event. Your online marketing strategy is an ongoing process. You may want to create a blog that will need keywords and meta information, or you may venture into the realm of pay-per-click advertising. You may create a newsletter that patients can sign up for.

You need to devote time each week, if not more often, to bettering your online marketing strategy. To learn how you can make your website interactive by adding electronic registration forms, contact Practice Sense by filling out the online contact form or calling 1 (800) 619-2955. 

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