Emailing Patient Records and HIPAA

During our short existence, we have learned that many offices use email to transmit patient records. Some offices communicate with patients via email while others share patient information with other doctors offices.

Is emailing patient information ok? The HIPAA security rule doesn't technically prohibit the use of email for transmitting e-PHI, however there are a set of standards for access control, integrity, and transmission security that require covered entities (your practice) to implement policies and procedures to protect the integrity of and restrict access to e-PHI.

Security is our business, and we have created a system to allow you to communicate & collect e-PHI without worry. Our system uses the latest security security and storage technology available, this includes our email component.

After a patient's appointment is scheduled, you simply login to our system and send them a welcome letter. Our system encrypts the message and transports it securely to the patient. The patient is then invited to complete your electronic patient forms. Our system will automatically and securely follow up with the patient until the forms have been compelted and submitted, making the patient registration process simple and very secure.

Make sure your Patient Registration Process is HIPAA compliant, contact us today!

Topics: HIPAA, Patient Communication, Medical Advancements

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