How Running an Office Is Like Running a Sports Team

Think about how the day starts in your practice. You start with seeing your co-workers, working together to get your patients seen as quickly as possible, and finalizing your plans for the next day. In a sense, the doctor’s office carries many of the same characteristics of a sports team, and like a sports team, you need to stay on the same page through meetings, which may include discussions on how to increase use of online patient forms or electronic consent forms. Take a look at the three critical meetings you need to hold daily to run your practice efficiently.




The morning meeting is comparable to a pregame huddle. You need discuss what the day’s challenges and goals will be. During this meeting, go over the following points with your staff:

  • Warm up with your team players. In other words, follow up on remaining business from the previous day, such as incomplete patient consent forms or billing concerns.
  • Who are you playing against? A sports team selects plays on the previous behaviors of the opposing team. Your staff needs to know how many patients are expected, how many open spaces exist, if anything new is taking place and any other information you need to explain.
  • Divide and conquer. You can only win the game if all team members work together, so start the day by emphasizing the importance of team work as a final point.

Call a Timeout.

Even the best dental, medical or business office staff will get overwhelmed. Patients may walk-in unexpectedly, or an emergency could arise. When things start to get hectic, it is important to reassert the importance of team work and strategy in making sure everything is accomplished and handled. You can call a timeout at any time throughout the day, even in the last minutes if something important has been overlooked.

Refresh During Halftime.

By midday, you should a good indication of how the rest day will play out. Yet, new patient intake forms may come in, patients may lose previously completed consent forms or worse. The first half of the day is meaningless if the second half fails. Reconnect your staff to your goals and needs around lunch, and provide feedback about how the team handled the first half. This is also critical is encouraging a positive work environment and motivating staff members.


Your practice is always changing to adapt to new patients and increase productivity. Since managing all of the processes can seem difficult, think of your practice as the ultimate sports game, and you have the opportunity to be the coach. Start fresh and warm up. Call a timeout when things start to derail, and remember the importance of a halftime break. In addition, download our guide, “8 Ways to Improve Time Management,” to see how else you can help your team work smarter and faster.

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