Designing a Fun Dental Waiting Room for Young Patients

Think back to your childhood memories of going to the dentist. You were probably a bit scared the first time that you went to the dental office for a checkup. Why was that?

Maybe, you had to wait for a long time in the waiting room with nothing to do. Playing a game or watching the television might have made going to the dentist a happier experience.

Our goal is to have your dental practice be a fun and welcoming place for your young patients. We show you how to design a dental reception area that kids will love. With these tips, you can make your dental practice a place that your patients will look forward to coming back to. 


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How to Design a Fun Dental Waiting Room for Young Patients


Games help young patients stay active and focused


Tic-Tac-Tooth Board

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It's no surprise that young patients love games. Playing games in your dental office waiting room help kids focus their energy and attention on a single task. Consider having an area in your reception room for young patients to play games. Games like Tic-Tac-Tooth and Battle Tooth put a fun twist on classic games.

There are digital games you can use, too. An investment in an iPad for your patients to use in the waiting room can keep them occupied. Pre-load the iPad with kid-friendly games such as Angry Birds and Candy Crush. Other games like Little Dentist and Dentist Office are fun and have a dentistry theme.

Social apps like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat are must-haves for a tablet that youngsters will use. If you're feeling extra motivated, you can even create a Snap filter of your dental office or have a contest for the most-liked photograph of your office!


Comfortable seating gives young patients a place to relax


Tooth-shaped Seating

Having comfortable seating for kids helps solve the problem of young patients running around your office. Find a space in your office for a group of child-friendly seating. Usually, parents with children prefer couches or rows of chairs to sit with their kids. 

Fun ideas for kid-friendly seating include molar-shaped chairs and stools. Consider movable seating that parents can move around your waiting room to sit with their children. Having separate seating gives patients the freedom to sit where they want.


Visual stimulation helps kids stay busy and involved

Television with Nature Background


Visual images can hold the attention of young patients for long periods of time. Young patients are then more likely to act in a quieter fashion. Investing in a TV for your dental reception room can pay off. Just be sure to play light programming such as Food Network, HGTV, or similar shows in food, housing, and travel. 

Creating a coloring station is another interactive idea to keep your young patients engaged. Try out popular art activities such as coloring books and drawing stations. Keep the cleanup to a minimum, though. Avoid messy items and potentially dangerous items such as scissors. 


A great dental waiting room will be designed with all of your patients in mind. There are also ways to overcome the daily struggles of a dental practice. Let's quickly review the different design aspects that each group of your patients will love.


What We Learned

Great dental waiting room design engages patients and makes their visit to the dentist a positive experience. Using games, seating variety, and visual stimulation, you can easily transform the environment in your dental office. 

Outside of interior design, your communication with patients plays a large role in whether or not your patient enjoyed their visit. Find out how you can improve patient communication to make your patients happier.


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