The New Generation Versus Traditional Medical Advertising

The new generation is unlike any previous generation when it comes to medical advertising. Today’s youth have access to more information, more options and more people than you can imagine. Simple decisions about purchasing clothing or foods have grown more complex as the new generation embraces the digital age, reflecting one of the medical trends identified in another blog post. Your online presence and ability to offer online patient registration forms will come under the scrutiny of an eco-conscious, more-aware generation, but you can overcome this challenge by understanding a few things about it

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Why Is the New Generation Paying More Attention to Your Online Footprint?

You can find anything online, and so can your patients. Before they ever contact your office, they will likely see your online footprint first. They may visit Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and other social media sites to see how your practice stacks up against the competition. Before the rise of social media, the importance of your online presence was not a major factor in getting new patients. However, most today’s generation have access to online content from mobile devices as well when it comes to medical advertising. Therefore, a potential patient could literally be in your office, read a negative review and decide to leave, costing you money and creating a gap in the day’s work.

How Does Your Online Presence Affect Your Practice?

Yelp and social media play a vital role in your overall advertising strategy, reports Forbes Magazine. Specifically, the goal is to provide good, wholesome value, not just a service. In other words, the cheapest dentist or medical office may not be a person’s first pick if reviews are negative or social media information is missing. Failure to maintain a high-quality online presence, including a responsive, sleek website, appropriate social media pages and responses to questions from visitors or past consumers on Yelp, will result in problems for your practice.

Tips to Improving Your Online Presence.

If you have struggled with improving your online presence, consider using the following tips to draw in more leads for your medical or dental practice.

  1. Update your website with interactive, engaging content, responsive web design and ease of access.
  2. Give prospective patients the ability to book an appointment, complete patient intake forms or finalize patient registration forms.
  3. Use keywords in all your online profiles or sites.
  4. Link between social media pages, well-known websites or other online tools to increase reputability.
  5. Create a blog and online resources, such as a page on common dental problems, for prospective patients.
  6. Respond to questions, comments, or reviews with a positive attitude, and always try to correct any issue as soon as possible.
  7. Review the websites of your competitors.

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Make Sure the New Generation Understands Your Practice!

The new generation is looking for dentists and medical professionals that are taking advantage of the internet. Implement online patient registration forms, and make your online presence professional and modern with our tips. In the interim, get started with a free trial of online patient intake forms, or call Practice Sense at 1(800) 619-2955.

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