New Patient Information: The Patient's Perspective

A core of regular patients is vital to the success of any practice. While single patients may come and go, it's important to be able to depend on the ones who come back for cleanings and check-ups year after year. And keeping track of the medical records of those patients is usually a pretty simple affair. In some cases, the DDS will be able to recite a family's medical history almost by memory.

But it's equally important for a practice to regularly take on new patients as well. And for new patients, providing pertinent personal, medical, and insurance information can present challenges. The current solution to the question of new patient information has the patient fill out contact, medical, and insurance questions or forms on their first visit. But in the experience of many patients, this system can present problems.

It's just plain difficult to accurately fill out new patient information when you're sitting in a crowded waiting room with a pounding toothache. Writing on a clipboard on that is balanced on your lap while you try to organize all of your insurance and other documentation is hard. Add to that the fact that you may have left documents at home, you're stressed, and you don't have any privacy – well, chances are your patients are going to make mistakes.

Practice Sense provides a simple, elegant solution to these problems: secure electronic patient forms that are completed by the patient prior to their initial visit. These forms are better for patients and dental practices in a number of key ways:

  • It's more convenient. It is far easier for a patient to take their time filling out new patient information forms online, in the comfort of their own homes, than at the dentist's office. At home, patients can take their time and make sure they have all the right documents.
  • It's accessible. Patients can log into our secure forms from their desktop computer, laptop, or even mobile devices like a tablet to fill out forms. So if they need to do it on the go or while they're at work, they can.
  • It's secure. Let's face it: no matter how careful a practice is, paper documents can inevitably be disposed of improperly or lost, creating the nightmare of dealing with a HIPAA violation. With our secure online forms, there is no opportunity for this to happen.
  • It's private. Instead of filling out new patient information forms in a crowded waiting room, patients can complete them in the privacy of their home office. This means they'll be more forthcoming about conditions because they know they're only sharing them with their health care provider.

Practice Sense is dedicated to finding solutions that help make your delivery of care more efficient, accessible and secure. Our software helps ensure your patients enjoy a better experience – which means that new clients are more likely to become lifelong ones.

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