Obtaining and Verifying Using Electronic Patient Forms

Obtaining and verifying new patient personal, medical, and insurance information in an accurate and timely manner is a vital component to managing a successful dental practice. With incorrect personal information, you may be unable to contact a patient to schedule follow-up visits. Without proper medical information, treatment may be delayed or even compromised. And with the wrong insurance information, you may run into billing headaches that could seriously affect cash flow.

In the current system, patients fill out new patient information forms in the office, usually with paper and pen. Then, the medical assistant transposes information provided on those forms to an electronic health record (EHR). This method presents its own set of problems. Medical assistants are human, and could make mistakes transposing the information. A 2012 study found that manually transcribing paper records into EHR systems could lead to serious adverse events.

Even when a medical assistant does transcribe handwritten patient information into EHR perfectly, the process wastes valuable office time. And after it's been entered, there's always the additional risk that a misplaced paper form could lead to a HIPAA breach.

Practice Sense provides solutions to these and other problems with our electronic patient forms. Our forms are secured with password protected administrator log-in and access to secure patient data to prevent HIPAA violations. They have automated follow-up to make sure patients are getting rescheduled.

Here's why Practice Sense's platform is the best solution for obtaining and verifying new patient information:

  • It's accessible. Our platform can be accessed by patients at home, before they come to the office. That means they'll be more likely to provide complete, correct information. And your staff can access it easily, too, leading to faster service provision.
  • It's validated. Unlike paper forms or standalone systems, our platform has automatic insurance validation built into the software. That means your staff won't have to waste valuable office time calling insurance providers for validation, and you'll be alerted whenever a patient's insurance coverage changes or lapses.
  • It's accurate. Because patients can provide their information from their homes, they will be far less likely to make mistakes when filling out forms. That means you'll have more accurate information, which ensures better delivery of care and more efficient third party billing.
  • It's accountable. A paper form doesn't have built in checks to make sure that patients – or providers – are missing key aspects of care provision. Our platform uses administrator log-ins, built-in alerts, and updates to provide accountability at every step of the process.

Practice Sense provides the tools you need to make your practice run more efficiently, smoothly, and securely.

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