Pokémon Go and Dental Practices | Three tips on how to increase traffic in your dental practice.

Pokémon Go is currently the most trending app of this year. Whether it’s a 90’s kid thriving on old feelings, parents who remember buying their kids these toys, or people who just want to fit in the trend. Pokemon Go is a big part of our lives now. For those of you who don’t play, Pokémon Go works by walking around town and catching Pokemon in different locations. Locations can also have PokéStops where players can visit and get more pokéballs, potions, and other items. There are also Gyms, where different Pokémon teams can go and fight for control of the Gym. They’re making over $3 million dollars daily on their app; there’s a way for you to benefit too.



So how can your dental practice benefit from Pokémon Go? Here are three quick tips on how to make your dental practice up-to-date with players:


Offer Discounts and Prizes To People In Your Area.

Remember most people who are playing this are people from your neighbourhood or commute near your area. Let’s say you have a PokéStop or Gym near your practice. You could advertise that you give discounts if they are on the Gym’s winning team. You can also give discounts for people who can show you their rarest catch, are on a certain team, or are a specific level in-game! Some practices even offer discount and prizes if they can take a picture of a Pokémon in their practice or with a staff.


Grab Players Attention With Lures and Stops:

You can also use Pokémon items to help increase foot traffic to your dental practice. If you have a PokéStop near you, you can add a lure module to it. A lure module attracts Pokémon to the stop; this encourages players to come by your practice and check for Pokémon.  You can request a PokéStop or Gym if there are none in your area. What’s better than a PokéStop with your practice name on it? This also helps patients who come to visit and want to play.


Potential Advertisement In Pokémon Go:

Pokémon Go will soon be releasing ads in-game. Companies can take advantage of this by buying advertisements in their area and having them pop-up during play time. This way you can offer a coupon, or discounted cleaning to Pokémon Go players near you. It can also set as a reminder to people that there is a dentist practice nearby!


We recommend that you take advantage of the hype and download Pokémon Go to your phone instantly! Play around and get familiar with it, and let it be known that you play. Take advantage of all the walk-ins and schedule them for an appointment.  With all the new patients you’ll get, it may be a good time to try out our online dental patient forms!

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