Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Morning Huddle

We've all been in meetings that seem to go forever and get nothing productive done. Time is of the essence at your dental practice and each meeting should be quick and efficient. Even a 15-minute, morning huddle can get your staff on the same page for daily goals and address any obstacles that may arise.

A well-run meeting keeps your staff informed and your dental office running smoothly. Your staff will be energized and aligned with your goals. We cover industry-best practices to have a productive morning huddle that will transform your day from average to excellent.

Team Huddle


How to Run a Productive Dental Staff Meeting


Create a detailed agenda and stick to it

Before your team huddle, create an agenda that outlines the important topics to cover. Having a clear agenda for your team huddle keeps everyone on track and the meeting running smoothly. Organize ideas logically from high-priority to low-priority. If you have to cut your meeting short, you'll at least have covered the highest priority issues.

Also, have a single clear goal for your agenda. For example, a goal for an agenda is to cover policy changes at your practice. Another goal for an agenda is to create a strategy to reduce missed appointments. Make sure to stick to your agenda by handing out or emailing an agenda to each staff member and following each step. 

Consider recording your team meetings or having a staff member on a rotating schedule take notes. This creates an archive of your team meetings--what was discussed and agreed upon. If not, you can hand out paper and pencil for each staff member to write their own notes.  


Have each staff member share their progress report

As an office manager, you only have so much time to check up on your staff member's progress. Use your team huddle as a chance for each department at your practice to report on their work. The data on this report will be unique to your practice.

As a rule of thumb, an effective dental staff meeting report is concise, relevant, and action-oriented. Place a maximum time limit of 1-2 minutes per progress report for each department. Staff can present their reports using presentation software such as PowerPoint and Google Slides.

Consider creating a template report, so that each staff member has a standard format for their data, which makes it easier for your entire team to process. Your staff will likely have questions, so have a brief, 1-minute Q&A session for each report. Archiving the progress reports using cloud-based software such as Google Drive or Dropbox will make it easier for you to access them in the future.


Identify challenges and recommend action plan

Every dental practice will have problems arise on a regular basis. The important part is to have recommended solutions for those problems. Encourage your team members to share challenges that they are currently facing or anticipate, as well as their suggestions for improvement.

The team huddle is an environment where suggestions are welcome and empower your staff to solve their own problems. Again, setting a time limit on challenges is important, so that your staff meeting isn't dominated by a single issue. Having an open mind and encouraging other staff members to share their ideas will help create a win-win situation for your practice and team members.


Cover daily goals for each department

By specifying goals at your team huddle, you'll get your staff on the same page towards success at your dental practice. You can measure the success of each day at your office with Key Performance Indicators (KPIs). These metrics are daily goals that you hope to hit to be successful financially and emotionally.

For instance, a KPI could be the number of missed appointments with a daily goal of at most 1 missed appointment each day. Another KPI could be average appointment wait length with a daily goal of at most 15 minutes wait for each appointment. These KPIs will change as you track your actual production and see whether they miss, meet, or exceed your goals.


Highlight successes since the last staff meeting

Your staff is encouraged by the successes at your dental practice. They might have stories to share from patients who had an exceptional visit at your office. Give the floor to your staff during team huddles to share these patients stories and spread patient testimonials on your website and social media. These bits of success raise morale among your staff and motivate them to do even better in their line of work.

Finally, remind you and your staff that you provide a valuable service to the community. This affirmation will remind your team that their work is appreciated. It may be surprising to know that this small reminder can help your staff be more energized and encouraged.


Turning your morning huddle into an efficient, strategy session takes less effort than you may think. There's also ways to get inactive patients to schedule an appointment. Let's quickly review how you can create a smooth staff meeting.

What We Learned

Having a productive team huddle takes organization and planning. Use an agenda that prioritizes action items and allows team members to report on their progress and any challenges that they're facing. Align your staff to daily goals and share success stories with patients.

Team huddles can energize your team and improve your patient's experience. Another way to help new patients have a better experience is through a quick, convenient registration system. Learn more about how you can save time and money with online patient registration forms with instant insurance verification


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