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New Medical Trends in 2017 to Watch For.

The end of the year is an excellent time to rethink your strategy for building your practice and increasing relationships with your existing patients. In fact, many medical and dental practices around the country are already looking to the future with electronic patient intake forms, online patient registration practices and these other medical trends.

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The New Generation Versus Traditional Medical Advertising

The new generation is unlike any previous generation when it comes to medical advertising. Today’s youth have access to more information, more options and more people than you can imagine. Simple decisions about purchasing clothing or foods have grown more complex as the new generation embraces the digital age, reflecting one of the medical trends identified in another blog post. Your online... Read More

Patient Registration Form - Electronic VS PDF

More dental and medical offices are starting to realize the benefits of electronic patient registration forms outweigh the problems inherent in using paper-based forms and traditional PDFs. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that up to 78.4 percent of office-based physicians, including dentists, use electronic health records and patient registration form....

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Pokémon Go and Dental Practices | Three tips on how to increase traffic in your dental practice.

Pokémon Go is currently the most trending app of this year. Whether it’s a 90’s kid thriving on old feelings, parents who remember buying their kids these toys, or people who just want to fit in the trend. Pokemon Go is a big part of our lives now. For those of you who don’t play, Pokémon Go works by walking around town and catching Pokemon in different locations. Locations can also have...

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Dental Offices Advance in Technology: Office Technology and Behind the Exam Room.

Improvement in dental technology is continually evolving, and a visit to the modern dentist is nothing like the images from your childhood. Take a look at how dental technology has improved in both digital means and actual treatments.

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5 Apps For In-House Sharing of Notes

Getting the office ready to transition from manual processing to online patient intake forms can seem difficult. In reality, the transition relies on how well your office staff can communicate. If you lack a secure forum for sharing notes, consider using one of these apps.

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Practice Sense's Sensible Solution to Cybersecurity Threats: 5 Pillars of Excellence

From BlueCross BlueShield to Medicaid, the threat of a cyber security breach seems omnipresent and omnipotent.  Earlier this month, the Washington State Health Care Authority identified a breach of the protected health information (PHI) of more than 91,000 patients. Practices are clamoring for reassurance of how an electronic patient forms’ provider prevents these breaches. Fortunately, Practice...

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Streamlining the Patient Information Process

In the health care environment, protecting personal health information is crucial. Although the integration of electronic health records can assist, obtaining and recording patient information can still be cumbersome and time-consuming. As a result, there are a number of issues that usually occur:

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Streamlining Eligibility Verification

The Affordable Care Act has significantly impacted the healthcare landscape in two major ways. The Individual Mandate requires that all Americans obtain insurance coverage, and Meaningful Use requires health care providers to achieve benchmarks in their application of electronic health records (EHR) to streamline data capture and improve patient outcomes. The ACA also expanded Medicaid...

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Meeting ACA Requirements with a Robust EHR platform

The Affordable Care Act has a number of different requirements¹ surrounding the application of Electronic Health Records (EHR) depending on the healthcare specialty of the provider. For example, primary care providers have significantly different EHR requirements than those of an outpatient surgery practice. That’s because the latter has a far more limited scope and predictable workflow...

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