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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Staff Training

The dental industry is constantly changing and it's important to keep up with new happenings. But, it can be hard to do so during a busy day at your practice filled with patients, appointments, and other action items.

A concise way to keep yourself and your dental staff educated is through staff training. Having a training session every 2-3 weeks helps you and your staff learn from each other...

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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Finances

Keeping track of finances at your dental practice on a daily basis is a constant pain. You are already busy checking in patients for their appointments, scheduling new appointments, following up with patients who missed appointments and handling payment collection.

For this reason, it is wise to have a monthly finance meeting to review your practice's performance over the last month and compare...

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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Morning Huddle

We've all been in meetings that seem to go forever and get nothing productive done. Time is of the essence at your dental practice and each meeting should be quick and efficient. Even a 15-minute, morning huddle can get your staff on the same page for daily goals and address any obstacles that may arise.

A well-run meeting keeps your staff informed and your dental office running smoothly. Your...

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5 Time Management Tips To Increase Productivity In Your Medical Office

Stop wasting time trying to figure out better ways to work with outdated processes and activities. Start working with the digital age by using online patient forms and these five new time management tips for your medical office.  Read More

Streamlining Patient Registration Will Enhance Your Patient Care Practices

Your practice is your livelihood, but how quickly you see patients can be a critical factor in its success or failure. Similar to other businesses, in a private medical practice you could be faced with a feast-or-famine situation, and rather than trying to market your practice to new patients, you need to focus on creating the most holistic and productive environment possible for your patients...

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Your Practice Is Your Business: You Need to Treat it Like One!

You might be inclined to feel your dental practice will succeed on its own, but the world of dentistry is changing. As explained in a recent report by the American Dental Association, those born after 1965 will have reduced needs for restorative dental care and a lower incidence of dental disease. In fact, the need for restorative dental care is only expected to continually decline in the...

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Overcoming the Daily Struggles of a Dental Practice

Working in a dental practice sounds like the day is filled with molars, extractions and x-rays. In reality, the daily grind for dentists shows up when patients cancel their appointments, when office staff members have disagreements and when the paper trail for patients’ previous dental records goes cold. These daily struggles for dentists are real, but you can overcome these obstructions by... Read More

How Running an Office Is Like Running a Sports Team

Think about how the day starts in your practice. You start with seeing your co-workers, working together to get your patients seen as quickly as possible, and finalizing your plans for the next day. In a sense, the doctor’s office carries many of the same characteristics of a sports team, and like a sports team, you need to stay on the same page through meetings, which may include discussions on... Read More

Patient No-Shows | 6 Ways to Help Your Patients Stick to Their Appointments

Canceled appointments and appointment no-shows mean your practice is losing money and wasting resources. You have to try to fill the gap, reschedule patients at a later date and hope the patient does not cancel again. Fortunately, you can use these six tips to encourage patients to keep their appointments and reduce patients missing appointments.

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5 Apps For In-House Sharing of Notes

Getting the office ready to transition from manual processing to online patient intake forms can seem difficult. In reality, the transition relies on how well your office staff can communicate. If you lack a secure forum for sharing notes, consider using one of these apps.

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