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9 Tips to Lower Patient No-Show and Cancellation Rates

It's so frustrating when a patient cancels their appointment at a dental practice at the last minute. Even worse, they may not show up at all and leave no advanced warning. Patient no-shows and cancellations are a burden because they cost your practice time and money and cause re-scheduling issues. 

Helping push more patients show up for their dental appointments takes persistance and...

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How to Get Inactive Patients to Schedule an Appointment.

Moving a patient from active to inactive status is a somber moment. For some reason, one of your patients has not returned calls, followed up with his or her care or been in for a wellness check. However, the battle of retaining that person as a patient is not over. You can leverage today's medical trends and the appropriate tools, such as making patient registration forms available 24/7, to get...

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A Quick "To-Do" List for Office Managers in Scheduling Patients Correctly.

As the office manager, it can be difficult to manage the scheduling of appointments in your dental practice. Your staff members are working together to schedule appointments, and you have to address any complaints that may arise from unsatisfied or angry patients. However, you can help organize appointments and optimize the patient scheduling process by following these six tips for how to... Read More

Dental Offices Advance in Technology: Office Technology and Behind the Exam Room.

Improvement in dental technology is continually evolving, and a visit to the modern dentist is nothing like the images from your childhood. Take a look at how dental technology has improved in both digital means and actual treatments.

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Does This Hectic Schedule Look Familiar: Your Problem and Your Solution

Small practices have historically had a disadvantage to achieving better care than larger practices. Small practices must ensure everything is finished, patients are happy, bills are sent out, and then, the entire process repeats itself in an unending battle to stay afloat. Take a moment to think about the typical start to your day in the practice, and think about how the following processes...

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