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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Staff Training

The dental industry is constantly changing and it's important to keep up with new happenings. But, it can be hard to do so during a busy day at your practice filled with patients, appointments, and other action items.

A concise way to keep yourself and your dental staff educated is through staff training. Having a training session every 2-3 weeks helps you and your staff learn from each other...

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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Finances

Keeping track of finances at your dental practice on a daily basis is a constant pain. You are already busy checking in patients for their appointments, scheduling new appointments, following up with patients who missed appointments and handling payment collection.

For this reason, it is wise to have a monthly finance meeting to review your practice's performance over the last month and compare...

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Running Productive Dental Staff Meetings: Morning Huddle

We've all been in meetings that seem to go forever and get nothing productive done. Time is of the essence at your dental practice and each meeting should be quick and efficient. Even a 15-minute, morning huddle can get your staff on the same page for daily goals and address any obstacles that may arise.

A well-run meeting keeps your staff informed and your dental office running smoothly. Your...

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5 Time Management Tips To Increase Productivity In Your Medical Office

Stop wasting time trying to figure out better ways to work with outdated processes and activities. Start working with the digital age by using online patient forms and these five new time management tips for your medical office.  Read More

5 Apps For In-House Sharing of Notes

Getting the office ready to transition from manual processing to online patient intake forms can seem difficult. In reality, the transition relies on how well your office staff can communicate. If you lack a secure forum for sharing notes, consider using one of these apps.

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How to Evaluate Your Time Management Skills

How do you know your practice is suffering from poor time management skills?

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How Do Patients Benefit From Better Practice Time Management?

Practice time management isn’t only about making your life easier throughout the workday. It’s about improving the experience of your staff, yourself, and your patients, and it starts with the digitization of care for patient intake forms and patient registration forms and understanding why you need it. Moreover, better practice time management directly impacts the quality of care and timeliness...

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How Is Time Management Killing Your Practice: Our Survey Tells All

At Practice Sense, we recently asked our practice partners to complete our Time Management Survey, and while we’d like to say that most practices have amazing time management skills, the results seem to suggest otherwise. Let’s take a closer look at what we figured out, what’s happening in today’s practices, and how it could be affecting the bottom line.

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Does This Hectic Schedule Look Familiar: Your Problem and Your Solution

Small practices have historically had a disadvantage to achieving better care than larger practices. Small practices must ensure everything is finished, patients are happy, bills are sent out, and then, the entire process repeats itself in an unending battle to stay afloat. Take a moment to think about the typical start to your day in the practice, and think about how the following processes...

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