Your Practice Is Your Business: You Need to Treat it Like One!

You might be inclined to feel your dental practice will succeed on its own, but the world of dentistry is changing. As explained in a recent report by the American Dental Association, those born after 1965 will have reduced needs for restorative dental care and a lower incidence of dental disease. In fact, the need for restorative dental care is only expected to continually decline in the future. Most importantly, those in this age group are looking for the most cost-effective dental care with the best rankings online. In other words, where can they get reputable dental care at an affordable price? So, you need to start treating your practice like a business now.





Five Ways to Operate Your Dental Practice Like a Business.

1. Work on Communication.

Caring for the dental health of your patients can seem pretty straightforward, but you need to communicate your needs and expectations to your staff, as well as your patients. This will help to prevent unnecessary delays, misunderstandings and keep the whole office on track. For example, use some of these tips to improve communication with your patients.

2. Reach out to More Patients.

Due to increasing competition between you and other dental practices, you need to reach more potential patients through different means, which include building a responsive website, creating social media pages, making your practice stand out and taking advantage of internet advertising. For example, you might use the recent Pokémon Go craze to encourage people to stop by your practice.

3. Encourage Patients to Keep Their Appointments.

Your patients are the most important part of your practice, so if they do not keep their appointments, you are losing money and wasting resources. Encourage your patients to keep their appointments by asking family members to book appointments at or about the same time. Also, try to make the “waiting part” of the visit as quick as possible.

4. Reduce Costs Where Possible.

Extra costs are literally everywhere in your practice. From wasted paper to simply turning out the lights in empty exam rooms, you need to eliminate as many costs as possible. In fact, one of the simplest ways to reduce costs is by eliminating the amount of paper needed by transitioning to electronic patient forms.

5. Manage the Actions of Your Staff.

Your office staff members are your employees, and you need to remember that you are the “boss.” Manage your staff by adjusting schedules appropriately and giving direction on how to increase the number of patients you see.


By following these business tips, you can learn to run your practice more like the business it truly is. Remember that your patients are your customers, and if your practice fails, your competitor will pick up the slack. You need to start treating your practice like your business today, and contact Practice Sense to find out more about using electronic patient forms now!

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